JRNL is a tool built for easy daily journaling. When you open JRNL each day and write a journal entry, the entry gets saved and that day’s square is filled in on the calendar. Previous days’ entries can be viewed by clicking on their corresponding squares on the calendar. The initial prototype was built in a week and was inspired by @SimoneGiertz’s and @dittomat’s respective calendars and applications.

The purpose of JRNL is to provide a minimalistic place to keep daily thoughts while also showing which previous days have entries on a calendar. JRNL comes with a markdown editor and supports both rich text and images. It saves all files locally in a markdown format that can be read by other applications.

JRNL is written in JavaScript in conjunction with NodeJS and Electron.

It has been publically released for Windows on itch.io

The itch.io page can be found: HERE.