I led a team to develop this game in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 43 game jam. The theme for this jam was Sacrifices Must be Made.

Head Over Hooves: My Heart Bleats for you is a dating-sim game in which God tasks the player with finding a sacrifice to stop the end of the world. The hook is that the sacrifice, who happens to be a talking goat, must fall madly in love with the player! By playing minigames and progressing through the branching narrative, the player increases the goat’s affection for the player, as well as picking up bonus charisma and faith stats. Depending on the player’s performance and choices, they can reach one of five possible endings.

I led the game development team throughout the jam. The five-person team consisted of three writers, a beginner programmer, and myself. I was the lead programmer in addition to leading the team and serving as art design lead. My focus during the jam was designing all of the art for the game, communicating my ideas with the team, keeping tasks on schedule, and helping to program the main gameplay loop. This was my first time leading a team; the other team members had never made a game

Head Over Hooves placed in 96th out of 1750 entries. When it comes to individual categories, it placed 8th for humor, 26th for theme, and 90th for mood.

Head Over Hooves was developed with Unity and C#, along with Yarn for writing, and Affinity Photo for art.

The jam page can be found: HERE.